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Gluteal Lifting


Gluteal lifts (Buttock lift) are achieved through prosthesis placement, fat grafts, dermofat flaps or, like in the image, through skin and fat resection, only leaving a scar underneath the inferior gluteal fold. Image of obese patient’s back and profile, who has lost 20Kg and presents a very important quantity of excess skin in the inner region of the thighs and in the buttocks.

Procedure aimed at highlighting the gluteal fold and removing skin and fat excess from this place. It can be done as an isolated procedure or complementary to inner thigh lifting, liposculpture or prosthesis placement in said region.

Silicone prosthesis implants are used when the patient’s wish is to increase gluteal volume. Depending on implant size, the procedure can be performed under local or epidural anesthesia. Patient needs 24h hospitalization and must use a soft elastic compression garment for 15 days. azul