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Thigh Lifting


Two patients who have undergone inner thigh lifting or thigh and gluteal dermolipectomy. Left photographs: body deformity with generalized obesity which had previously undergone an abdominoplasty. Right photographs: Obese patient who loses 20 Kg and presents severe skin flaccidity in the inner thighs. We perform a lifting or dermolipectomy. The scar remains hidden within the pubic hair and gluteal fold. She also underwent breast lifting and enlargement (mastopexy with prosthesis).

Thigh lifting covers lifting of both inner and outer thighs or trochanterie region.

Inner thigh lifting consists of inner thigh skin and fat excess removal. It is often combined with liposculpture in said region and depending on the extent of the liposuction, it can be performed under local or epidural anesthesia. Patient needs 24h hospitalization and the use a soft elastic compression garment for 15 days.

Patient also benefits from massage and preso-therapy.

The aim of trochanteric dermolipectomy is to reduce skin and fat excess of relevant thigh and buttock deformities or to stretch the thighs both in their inner and outer side. Its use following liposculpture has currently diminished but it provides excellent results in very specific cases. It is a type of major surgery that requires the patient to stay in hospital 3 or 4 days and which is performed under epidural or general anesthesia. The patient must wear, during post operatives, a custom-made elastic garment and avoid sitting during the 8 to 10 days following surgery. Patient also benefits from presotherapy, massages, etc. azul