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The Procedure


Front and back view of a patient who has undergone liposculpture of waist, outer thighs (love handles), inner thighs and knees.

This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, combined with mild sedation, always administered by an anesthetist on an outpatient basis. Liposculpture is the evolution of liposuction and has the following differences:

  • Use of finer cannulas: this allows superficial layer suction lipectomy, which is followed by skin retraction trying to avoid, as far as possible, defects caused during leveling of the surface, that is, better safety.
  • Syringes supply the vacuum instead of a suction motor: this provides a more precise control of the quantities sucked in each area. The use of suction syringes allows an aseptic manipulation of fat, which can then be reused (fat graft or lipograft). Due to the graft reabsorption rate (it usually varies between 30% and 60%), several procedures will be required until the volume desired by the patient is reached.
  • Tumescent local anesthesia instead of general of epidural anesthesia and hospitalization is not required. Local anesthesia is usually combined with mild sedation, always administered by an anesthetist.
  • It is not advisable to suck more than 3 liters per session, reason why it might be necessary to undergo several operations.