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Gluteal Prosthesis

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We can increase buttocks volume when it is underdeveloped (hypertrophic) or flat by placing silicone prostheses under the gluteal musculature, via an incision within the upper intergluteal crease. These silicone prostheses have more consistency than breast prostheses, like in the example of the patient shown.

Gluteal prostheses are silicone implants that are placed through an incision in the gluteal fold, below the major gluteal muscle. This increases calf volume and projection, although a lateral hip increase is not obtained.

It is usually indicated in cases of gluteal mass atrophy.

Procedure performed under epidural anesthesia and requires 24h hospitalization.

It is convenient to use germicide soap, Lactacyd type, to wash the days before surgery.

Patient must avoid aspirin or other medication intake that can contain salicylates 2 weeks before and after surgery.

Patient must buy a bra, similar to a tennis bra that is to be worn immediately after surgery. Spot