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Breast Lifting: Mastopexy


Implant placement is necessary to correct breasts with tuberous breast deformity (see photograph). Tuberous breast deformity is difficult to correct and frequently requires skin excess near the areola to be removed and shaping of the mammary gland. The resulting scar will then be around the areola or periareolar.

The effects of gravity along with the loss of the skin’s and other holding structures’ natural elasticity have an effect on the appearance of a woman’s breasts. With time, breasts, as well as any other organ, suffer modifications both in function and shape.

Mammary ptosis is the sagging of the breasts. It can be due to excessive weight of the gland (hypertrophy), exaggerated loss of skin elasticity or both of them. Diagnosis is done comparing nipple height from submammary fold, since breast volume doesn’t imply ptosis; it can appear both in normal and small sized breasts (hypotrophy).

Mastopaxy is the procedure by which mammary ptosis is corrected.

  • Grade I: large or hypertrophic breasts. Ptosis is caused by gland and/or adipose tissue excess and the procedure used to correct this is called mammoplasty. All hypertrophic breasts present a greater or smaller development of ptosis, except for virgin hypertrophies, which appear during puberty and are corrected before weight affects the elasticity of the skin.
  • Grade II: breast volume corresponds with a woman’s body but there is excess skin. The surgeon removes excess skin to adapt the skin holding the breast to the mammary tissues in the correct position. But this procedure is not as easy as it seems, since it is not only necessary to remove excess skin but also to treat mammary tissues with the aim of preventing or at least delaying, future sagging. As mentioned previously, it is mainly a skin alteration: the skin has lost its elasticity, so there are many possibilities that the breast will sag again if the patient only underwent excess skin tissue removal.
  • Grade III: drooping breasts that haven’t reached normal size or the size desired by the patient. In such cases prosthesis implants increase breast volume. In cases of severe flaccidity, excess skin tissue removal might prove necessary.