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Aesthetic Ear Surgery: Otoplasty

OtoplastiaProminent or protruding ears cause important alterations in a person’s self esteem, specially in children and teenagers but also in adults. Operations are usually performed at the age of 8 or 9, when the ears have acquired their final shape, although operations at older ages are not infrequent. They are easy to correct by achieving the curvature they lack through a small incision in the back of the ear.

For the child, this type of flaw is frequently ridiculed and mocked by other children. Even among adults can we often find people who still hide, are ashamed of themselves or feel limited because of their ears.

This type of deformity is an alteration either in the ear’s anatomic proportions or in the harmonic development of the curves that mould the outer ear.

Sometimes the possibility of prominent ear genetic transmission from parents to children exits. These ears are easy to correct with swift, safe and ingenious surgery.

The diagnosis is carried out early in the child’s life by pediatrician and parents, who observe that the child’s ears are excessively prominent. This first diagnosis is temporary, because the possibility exists that the ears regain the correct shape in the first years the child’s life.

The ideal thing is to operate when the ears have finished developing at the age of 7 to 9, but it is not always convenient to wait so long. The consequences and repercussions can have a more negative impact than operating sooner (at the age of 3, ear development is around 85%). This decision must be made by child, parents and surgeon. otoplasia