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Eyelid Surgery: Blepharoplasty

0194_pagina42-year-old patient with bags in lower eyelids and excess skin in upper eyelids. We perform blepharoplasty on skin and bags. This procedure leaves imperceptible scars which are under the eyelashes of the lower eyelid and in the upper eyelid crease.

Eyelid surgery is technically called blepharoplasty and treats bags, wrinkles and skin sagging or excesses.

Like all other plastic surgery procedures, it is aimed at those cases in which the alteration represents a problem to the person who suffers it.

It is more common to recur to this type of surgery after the age of forty, although, as mentioned previously, there isn’t a fixed age. It’s also one of the procedures most undergone by men. The wish to rejuvenate and to get rid of the tired and ill expression, are the main reasons for the patient to seek a solution. Sometimes, it can either be skin or fat excess in the upper eyelids, which cause a weakening of the upper eyelid muscles, and can result in eyelid drooping or ptosis.

The ideal thing is to undergo a blepharoplasty when the first aging signs appear. If we add drooping eyebrows to sagging and fat bags, it might be better to complement the blepharoplasty with a brow lift (of the temporal area, or forehead). On the other hand, eyelid surgery is usually combined with a cervico-facial lifting


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