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Aesthetic Cheek Bone Surgery

0443_pagina3186_paginaThe lack of cheekbones can be due to excess fat in the cheek (genian area), scarce development of malar bones or to the descent of malar fat (ptosis). In the first case top photograph) the solution consists of the removal of fat (Bichat’s adipose ball), in the second example we will place a silicone prosthesis (lower photograph) and in the third case we must recur to lifting soft tissues through an endoscopic lifting.

It consists of cheek augmentation by placing synthetic material (solid silicone, Gore-tex, etc.) through an incision inside the mouth or in blepharoplasty, through the palpebral fissure.

Cheek position can also be modified by lifting malar fat (endoscopic lifting) or with osteotomies.

These prostheses are placed under local anesthesia or local anesthesia combined with sedation and on an outpatient basis. It usually causes a severe edema that decreases after eight days and vanishes in around three weeks. Fat grafts, which fulfill the same goals, are also frequent.

Another method for cheek augmentation consists in bucal fat extraction or Bichat’s fat pad. This causes cheek mass to fall and highlights cheekbones. malarplastia


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