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Calf Prosthesis

2724_paginaAesthetic implants can be placed in nearly all body areas, although they are most frequently used in buttocks, calves, or female and male breasts. In this last case, the procedure consists of inserting one or two implants under the fibrotic layer (aponeurosis) that envelops the calf muscles, via a small incision within the crease behind the knee.

Calf prostheses are silicone implants which are placed behind the knee in a pocket in the aponeurosis covering the calf muscles.

One or two prostheses can be placed depending on the patient’s needs. It is usually indicated in calf atrophy due to accident, lesion or nervous sequelae. Calf prostheses are also frequent in patients of Andine origin who have extremely thin legs in proportion to their hip and thorax.

Procedure is performed under epidural anesthesia and 24h hospitalization.

It is convenient to use germicide soap, Lactacyd type, to wash the days before surgery.

Patient must avoid aspirin or other medication intake that can contain salicylates 2 weeks before and after surgery.

Patient must buy knee and compression tights that are to be worn immediately after surgery.