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Aesthetic Surgery

Why Is It Different?05_estetica

Plastic Surgery differs from other medical fields because it isn’t aimed at sick patients, but at healthy beings that voluntarily require it. Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery beautifies body and face shapes, recovers youth’s beauty or modifies physical or ethnical features considered to be flaws by the patient.

Turn your flaws into you most valuable assets!

We’ll set out to present through this maxim, what we consider the ideal of the relationship with our body to be, that is, the relationship to ourselves. When we cannot achieve this, which is quite normal, and a physical alteration or characteristic conditions our existence in greater or lesser extent, we can turn to plastic surgery and find our solution in it.

It’s important to point out the fact that the intensity of the defect is usually not proportional to the seriousness of the problem it represents, reason why it’s only fair to accept the relativity of the judgements we make of ourselves.

It’s quite frequent, in consultation, to find a patient who finds a nearly grotesque nose only natural and even aesthetic and who, nevertheless is extremely worried about a small and subtle detachment of an ear section… . Well, we think that the most correct position is that of respecting the forms that don’t cause problems to the patient and try to correct those which cause the patient disorders. What is more, we think that our main function is to contribute to a person’s well being (we operate for the patient). Nonetheless, it’s the surgeons’ responsibility to measure the reality of the complaints using his/her ability to analyze and to carefully consider the risk-benefit factor (we don’t do everything the patient wants us to do, but what we consider to be beneficial for him/her).

After this introduction and in order to inform you on a certain body area that worries you personally or is of your interest, we recommend you use this search method both for your problems and for their possible solutions.

One thing Plastic Surgery doesn’t allow is mediocrity. The most fascinating thing about Plastic Surgery is the search for perfection. Michelangelo said: “Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.” Two characteristics define Plastic Surgery: The importance of small details and the need of certain aesthetic sense. Once this technique has been mastered, it’s the aesthetic sense what strikes the difference between two surgeons, and which besides, cannot be studied. azul


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